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Termite Extermination Lancaster PA

February 21, 2010

Termite extermination in Lancaster can be tricky.  If you have a swarm of reproductive termites inside, it looks like you have an indoor hurricane.

termite extermination lancaster pa

termite extermination lancaster pa

However, the ones you see flying around, are not the ones that you need to be concerned about.  It is the workers that are eating the boards in your home that are doing the damage.  You may find some video of termites on our site to view an actual termite treatment in Lancaster County (this one was filmed in Mount Joy).

One thing that you need to know is that you cannot control termites in the ground and around your home by yourself; you are going to need a termite treatment from a termite pest control company such as Dominion Pest Control due to the volume of termite product that will be needed.

It is also wise to let a trained, licensed pest control technician look at your termite problem since there is almost always some type of damage to your property.  Termites eat wood in your home, and most times are not noticeable until the termites swarm.  With this in mind, you want someone who is familiar with termites to check possible damage to the structure.