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Pest Control Lancaster PA

February 21, 2010

This is the Word Press blog for Dominion Pest Control & Exterminating, Lancaster PA.  We will be talking about termites, termite pics, termite swarms, as well as ants, stink bugs, spiders, silverfish and any other pest needing controlled in Lancaster County towns such as Manheim, Lititz, New Holland, Ephrata, Denver, Willow Street, Lititz, Columbia, Quarryville, Marietta, Mount Joy, and any other town in Lancaster PA.

Lancaster PA has a unique set of pests that other Counties do not see.  For instance, stink bugs have developed a strong hold in Lancaster and York, and are spreading like wildfire.

pest control exterminating lancaster pa

pest control exterminating lancaster pa

If you have questions and need answers now you may go to pest control Lancaster PA here, or call us @ 717-393-7879.